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LiA's  Music

 DAN FARROW...Musician/Composer/Singer...My friend


  • Please check out Contact Radio an extremely cool radio station in Seattle, Washington that now requires a very small membership fee.  You can listen to live interviews on-line and also dig into their archives to hear a multitude of very interesting interviews. To listen to Lia's interview, please click  Here.
     If this link doesn't take you to their archives page, please join the site and  search around until you find the October 2002 archive. There are a list of dates and names there,  including Lia Shapiro.


Please visit LiA's friend Brian Paulson. She wrote her book, COMES THE AWAKENING, to Brian's POWER OF 7.  His new CD, PULSE OF LIFE goes beyond POWER OF 7!  It's absolutely tremendous!  You can purchase it and other music by Brain at
During live shows, Brian has the amazing ability to tune into the audience and create mind altering music right on the spot!  Brian lives and works in Chicago where he also does a little of that Chicago jazzy stuff.

The Sedona Journal Of Emergence! published LiA's channeled articles in their February, August, December 1999, April 2000, and May and October 2002 issues. The articles can now be viewed in their entirety at my website on the button Lia's Articles The Sedona Journal is a New Age magazine that publishes some of the leading channelers. The magazine is sold in New Age book stores, Borders, Barns and Noble, and various other  places around the world.