Excerpt From Chapter One Of....
 Comes The Awakening




                                      Lia's Awakening
Where do I begin to tell the story?  Perhaps the story begins when I was born, or does it begin at the beginning of time?  My soul streaks through time, so it is indeed difficult to pinpoint the precise moment with which it all started.  The Pleiadians…oh yes,  you want to know about the Pleiadians.  Or do you want to know about Lia Shapiro?  Are they one and the same?  Yes, I believe so, although you might wonder how this could be.

     I am Pleiadian at a higher level…in another realm.  What does this mean?  Well, you may have to read and absorb the information in this book to find out.  If I try to tell you here, then I will end up channeling another chapter and you will not get to hear about the human aspect of who I am.

     I am Lia Shapiro here, at this precise moment in time.  I popped into the Earth reality in the year of 1949.  Yes, this is correct if you calculate time as linear.  Okay, so I have just given away my earthly age, but does it matter when my soul simply glides agelessly and effortlessly through time?

     Yes, I had Earth parents, or is it only my perception that they were Earthlings?  Nevertheless, my father was Jewish, and my mother a lovely, fair, blonde and blue- eyed creature.  They gave birth to five assorted humanoids.  We are all still thriving happily in this world, or as happily as humans can thrive.

     My parents never did quite figure out what beliefs or religion we should be raised with.  Although my father was Jewish, he was also a professed atheist.  My mother was Southern Baptist, but because my father was Jewish she did not want to raise her children in her religion.  She succeeded in getting us through the 50's and 60's without a religion, although, this was probably unheard of in America during those times.  I didn't know a thing about the Bible, but I did know about spirituality.  We were not taught the ways of religion, but taught about the power of our own spirit.  While my mother did not teach religiosity or make us go to church, she did have a powerful belief in God. 

     I was a hippie.  Yes, give peace a chance and all that.  I was a true flower child, headband, beads, barefoot, bellbottom jeans and a Volkswagen painted in a dazzling profusion of colors.  It was a time of protesting for some, but for me it was a time of spiritual awakening.  Washington D.C. was my home, so you could usually find me at the Washington Monument whenever something exciting was happening.  The masses converged upon the city as one.  Music and marijuana smoke mingled and drifted through the air, while protest singers often sang out loud and clear.  I loved meandering through the multitudes, as the whole scene exuded a certain energy full of peace, power and purpose.   Or so it seemed.

     It was the energy of those times that stirred my soul and started an awakening deep within me.  Without any formal or mandatory religious training, I had been free to find my own way.  I sought out spiritual teachings, although I was not a follower of any particular teaching.  Instead, I had experienced my own vision, going within it to find my own truths..............

...............It is with love that I bring you the Pleiadians.  They are not God, but only exist at a higher level of who I am.  God is at the highest.  By going beyond myself, I have tuned into a higher, love based energy which is Pleiadian.  The Pleiadians exist within me and outside of me, in another world or on another planet or dimension.  They are more highly evolved than we are, yet they exist as a part of who we are.  They are our future, yet it is possible they can traverse the universe and appear in our physical reality.  More than likely, they work through the layers of our consciousness.

     Time is not linear.  We exist in the past, the present and the future all at once.  I am human here, but in the far distant future, I am Pleiadian.   It may be that you are Pleiadian, too.  If so, then please, sit back, relax, and tune in.  If you do not want to acknowledge such kinship, then please, I invite you to simply stay and learn with us.  Take what you need, and discard what you don't need.  The choice and the power is always yours. 

Copyright 2000 Lia Shapiro
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