By Lia Shapiro



     To be human is to hold secret spaces within yourself.  What you appear to be to others and what you project on the surface is often not what you are at all.  Within your secret spaces, you hold many aspects of yourself that you often keep hidden.  Why do you do this?  We tell you that it is the usual human condition and something to be aware of.  To begin with, you must understand how it is that you have constructed so many hidden secret spaces within yourself.  To understand anything is to become aware, and in time, you can even gain a sense of enlightenment.  Awareness is the first conscious step to uncover, collect and put together all your many parts.  These so called parts that you have managed to hide away are vital to your whole being.  As it is now, you most likely reveal only a smaller portion of all that that you are.  What others often see are only certain elements that you allow to surface, and the rest, you store in your secret spaces.

     Why are you afraid to allow all the contents of your secret spaces to be known?  Why do you have trouble fully integrating all your parts?  Why do you only express a portion of the whole sum of who you are?  It will certainly take time and concentrated thought to come up with answers to these questions as you ponder the plight of being human.

     The first thing to know is that you have never truly and completely realized that you have secret spaces contained so deeply within yourself.  So many times you have floundered in your life.  This is because you learned from an early age how to navigate the Earth realm in a way that would keep you safe.  It may be quite an amazing revelation to know that from the moment babies are born, they began to learn immediate coping skills.  Life in the Earth realm is not an easy place to be!  This is why you certainly have good reason from the very beginning of your life to start compartmentalizing many aspects of yourself.  As time goes on, you have learned how to sort, file and tuck your aspects away safely.  In fact, you have become quite adept at shuffling your secret spaces around and drawing out just what you need at any given moment.


     By now, you have most likely learned that if you reveal the contents of your inner mind and heart at the wrong time or inappropriately, you will suffer the consequences.  Most of you learned at a young age that you did not like to suffer, so over a lifetime, you have neatly arranged all of your inner and secret spaces in a very convenient manner.  If you think about it carefully, you may begin to see what has happened to you as a human being.  Stop for a moment and reflect on your condition.  Think about the personal areas within yourself and what you keep hidden there.

      You might find that it is too overwhelming to contemplate all of your hidden and secret spaces at once.  Just relax for a moment and consider only one thing at a time.  Think now about one secret space.  What do you have tucked away in there?  Do the contents immediately reveal themselves or do you draw a blank?  It might be that you pull certain things out at certain times, as much of the hidden contents of your secret spaces are shuffled around for convenience.

      You pull out certain aspects for the circumstances and situations at hand.  Then you issue forth the appropriate reactions and responses that are external for the ongoing drama.  You reveal what you choose to reveal, and then you hide other aspects of yourself in yet another secret space. 

     Why do you do this?  Perhaps this question makes you laugh, or wonder, or even feel at a loss for an answer.  That is fine.  No problem, as reaction is a good thing, in that it may jolt you out of a certain unaware state and make you think.  In fact, a good and well placed shock factor can certainly be a helpful technique if it brings more light and knowledge to the matters at hand.  More light and knowledge increases your wisdom, thus forcing you to become aware.  Once again, we emphasize that awareness is the opening key to your many deeply held secret spaces.  And so, we bluntly ask you why?  You may not know why now, but as you contemplate this most essential question, it will make you think, and in thinking, the answers will eventually come.

     Please, do not be dismayed if your answers are slow in coming.  It can take many years and painful tears to uncover the basic core of who you are.  It may seem an impossibility to think that you could actually begin to integrate your secret spaces, thus incorporating them into a whole, and bringing the whole closer to the surface.  



     We will explain further by helping you to examine one of your secret spaces, which could be labeled Spiritual Beliefs.  This is an area where many of you tuck spiritual secrets away, only to be acknowledged at your own convenience and discretion.  Spiritual Beliefs can be a very strong area; one that you cannot live without, yet it is often contained or hidden deep inside.

      Sometimes your spirit nature is so deeply hidden that that there is little recognition of that part of yourself, nor is there much acknowledgement that you are also more than flesh, blood and bones.  Many walk around seemingly without full knowledge or awareness that they are hiding out inside of a body.  It is a fact, sadly enough, that humans hide their spirit, as if no one else has one, or that it would be a shameful state to show or indicate that it even exists.

     The human condition can be a strange one, because you have the capacity to block and hide that which you find too uncomfortable to display or exhibit.  It was with the entrance into the Earth realm that some have determined that they should leave their Spirit behind and get on with the business of Earth living.  By now, this condition can be purely without conscious thought or realization.  Nevertheless, it affects the overall well being of yourself when you feel that you cannot express the true essence of who and all that you are.

     The fact of the matter is, everyone has a spiritual aspect.  It seems that on planet Earth, this is one of the biggest, most well guarded secrets of all!  Many people have a rather expansive place inside where they neatly organize most things pertaining to spiritual matters.  Interestingly enough, these secret spaces start to develop and grow from the moment you arrive into the Earth experience.  You most likely learned early on that it was not beneficial for you to voice or express much about your spiritual state, condition or beliefs.   
     Think about it.  Small children talk about many strange topics, even going on about other lives, or talking about a variety of issues that may not always be within the scope of acceptable thought.  It is generally considered that children are only expressing their overly vivid imaginations, making up tales, stories or even lies.  They are thought of as cute; they may be laughed at, ridiculed or even reprimanded.  They often are not taken very seriously and may even be punished.  Through this early social conditioning, children learn eventually what is acceptable and what is not.  Sad, but children start to build their own little secret spaces before they ever grow into mature adults.

     Issues concerning the spiritual realm are one of the very first secret spaces to be constructed.  Sex is probably the next.  Or perhaps sex and the spirit become equal in time, as the secret sex space begins to fill out and expand with growing maturity.  In fact, it is true that many sexual problems are a result of extreme oppression.  Nevertheless, tucking your precious Spirit into a hidden space deeply within you is truly one of the biggest secrets of all.  It is into this secret area that most spiritual material gets filed and hidden away, thus stunting your spiritual evolution and development.  


      What lurks within the inner realms of a human heart?  And how do you even get inside when it is locked up so tightly?  The human condition is one where there are many layers inside to file things away in.  Sometimes it is difficult to even locate the spaces where the secrets hover, although it is certainly not impossible.  It is simply a matter of uncovering what you once thought was deeply hidden away.  How can you uncover what is so easily buried within the layers?  An unattainable feat you may think, but never fear, all is not hopeless.  It only takes a bit of reflection, determination and concentration.  Uncovering lost material within the human phyche requires either the help of another, or if you are determined enough, you will be able to accomplish the task yourself. 

     It is simply a matter of going deep within your secret spaces for the retrieval of information.  In order to do this, you must be still and you must be quite.  Choose a time when you can sit or lie undisturbed, while you focus on devising a method that will bring you to a deep state of relaxation.  Not all methods work for all people, and so we suggest that you only try what works best for you. 

     We offer ideas, but know that they are only to help you.  Do not be so inflexible that you become rigid in your approach.  It is fine to utilize and combine what methods work for you, and to even work on your own method.  Any method that works to bring you into a deep state of relaxation is good, as long as it is beneficial and helps you.  As you work to achieve a state of relaxation, we suggest that you also consider bringing Universal Light into your system at the same time.  Understand that you are composed not only in a molecular way, but that Light is also a part of your innate frequency.  Although you may not see the Light with your physical eyes, know that it is there, and do not be hesitant about increasing your frequency by bringing more Light into yourself. 

     It is important to find a nice quite place to relax, at the best possible time, and at a time when you are most likely to be able to relax.  It is not an easy matter to relax in the human realm, as it is quite often a frenetic existence.  You must focus, be disciplined, and do your best though, if you are serious about digging into your secret spaces.



     Close your eyes and relax.  Concentrate on your breathing, but not so much that you are heaving.  With each gentle breath, imagine that you are meandering downhill along a pleasant and sweet smelling forest path.  You have a trusty walking stick that will help you.  In this dream state, it is truly a beautiful magic wand that will guide you.   Now imagine that your special, walking, wand stick will help guide you through the sweet smelling forest, dappled with flowers, as you meander along a gentle path through the trees.  See yourself walking through an amazingly beautiful array of soft, green trees, glimmering light sifting through the branches.  You grow calmer and calmer, feeling so relaxed and peaceful while you hear the sounds of frenetic civilization slowly fading away.  You only hear the soft, rustling sounds of the forest now, as you become more relaxed with each step you take, going deeper and deeper into a beautiful place and within your own lovely consciousness.

     You walk gently through the peaceful, quiet and fragrant forest, still going deeper, until finally you come to a beautiful clearing full of golden sun light and gentle, sparkling waterfalls.  It is at this point, that you sigh and breathe out all negativity.  Now breathe in the pure and golden light, and let it fill your every pore and cell as you relax and let go.  You will leave everything behind, as now you only exist within yourself, and with the full, yet gentle and loving force of your own being.

     This is a beautiful and beneficial vision and will help you to accomplish the goal of relaxation.  Please, feel free to imagine and create your own special visualization that will help you to relax and go further into yourself.  As you achieve a certain state of relaxation, we ask that you try placing your hands on your stomach, or on your chest.  Think of your hands as magic tools that will bring Light into your body.  Do not be hesitant in moving them around, as you have certain energetic points located in all areas.  If it feels better for you to place your hands on your head or your face, then by all means, please do so.  The technique of bringing Universal Light through the top of your head to the rest of your body is a good one.  You can also simply activate your mind to visualize the Light streaming in through the top of your head.  See it coursing through your body, and your every pore and cell, as you are completely filled up with Light. 

     These are many techniques that you can use to bring yourself fully into a state of relaxation.  Remember, it is also beneficial to increase your Light Frequency during this time period.  You can use tools of relaxation anytime to achieve rest for your soul and to trigger more energy and feelings of peace.   With practice, it is easy to become your own therapist by learning how to work with your special and individual system.  By careful and deliberate interactions with your innermost mind, you will begin to pull out information from your secret spaces.  In careful encounters with your hidden regions, you can pull out information; confront it and  make beneficial changes.    



     It is important to integrate your parts and become all that you are.  So many of you only express fragments or a portion of who you are.  So much of yourself is kept locked up within the confines of your secret spaces.  This is dangerous in that it fosters depression and oppression, and keeps you not only from connecting completely with yourself, but with others as well.  In fact, you most likely will only express a fraction of who you are within any given relationship or interaction.  In the process of expressing and connecting within the human realm, it is common to scatter only bits and pieces of yourself around.  In essence, each person in your life may know you as a different person, according to how much you reveal or do not reveal.  Each individual that you come in contact with is getting only a small part of you and not the whole.

     Can you imagine what it would feel like to completely be yourself with everyone that you knew?  You might find this a disturbing thought, or at least a curious one.    Perhaps a new way of opening up and relating has never occurred to you, as you tuck, hide and reveal things as if you were a file drawer, shoving in and pulling out assorted information.

     As you work to master the human condition, you will become aware of all your many aspects, and you will clearly begin to see what has been going on all along.  The revelation of your hidden parts and how to integrate them will ultimately begin to emerge, and you will gain the wisdom of your whole soul.  As you gain soul wisdom, your secret spaces will turn inside outward and begin to reveal the contents.  With growing awareness, you will automatically begin to realign yourself as you eventually realize that your many small, hidden parts are, in actuality, the sum of all that you are.

     You will start to find that it is really not so frightening to pull out the contents of your dark and deep hidden areas.  These parts of you are who you are.  Confront and deal with them if you must, but most of all know that you contain the power to change that which you are not happy with.  Unlimited change is possible because you have the power and Light within you.  You are Spirit made manifest within a physical vessel.  Choose to be bold and to live in the full expression of who you are.   By doing so, you will be experiencing the wholeness and trueness of your being.  Please, begin now to fully integrate all that you are. 

The End     

© 2002 Lia Shapiro - Published in the "Sedona Journal of Emergence!," October, 2002