By Lia Shapiro



        We have been greatly saddened by the affairs on planet Earth, and so it is that we hope to offer a bit of wisdom and ideas that will encourage and help.  Our main message to you is to be confident and to strive to know who you are.  In knowing who you are, you will become more sensitive and open to the human condition.  You will naturally feel the desire to help expand the thinking of others, as you, yourself, become expanded in your own way of thinking.

     Throughout your lifetime, you have attracted information that causes you to unfold, layer by layer, which helps you to comprehend the spiritual realms more clearly.  This unfolding of yourself is a never ending process, and it will work to wake you up to a better understanding of the world around you.   As you gain and add more knowledge, your amazing and continual transformation will help to change your outlook to a higher, more spiritual place.  

     While you have been taking in information and accelerating your spiritual evolution, you have also been growing stronger.  Know that nothing beyond you, or outside of you, controls you, but that you, yourself, contain and control the power of all that you are.   It is important that you understand this, because it is often easy to believe that the power lies outside of yourself.   You are your own spirit, yet at the same time you are one with all of creation.  It is for this reason that we must all strive to connect, one with another, to help each other, whether in this dimension or crossing over into other dimensions.

     As we come to you now, bringing bits of wisdom, know that you can also take your own bits of wisdom to others.  Understand, that without a doubt, you can help to transform the inner realms and spirit of others.  This is so vitally important now, especially with the way the world is going.  We must all connect and feel each other, and help as we can to accelerate the spirit of creation. 

     During conversation with others, if you believe in your own truth and tap into your heart and soul for inspiration, you will always find that the Spirit within will help you.  No matter where you originally have found answers, your inner resources become your own as you access information, taking what you need and discarding what you do not need.  As a result, you continually grow, evolve and awaken, which causes a quickening to your vibration that others will perceive and respond to.  In fact, you have most certainly begun to realize by now, all the possibilities, as you awaken to the divine nature of who you are, and of who others are.

     By your conversation and contact, and making an effort to turn on your inner Light, others will begin to awaken, as if from a dark and deep slumber.  Can you imagine the enormity of so much information as the world eventually wakes up and translates from darkness into Light?  In being sensitive and caring about others, you will develop a loving spirit, and it is exactly this love that the world needs now.   In fact, love is so urgently needed, that as you help others gain higher wisdom, you will be demonstrating love at its finest.  It is the loving spirit of humanity that will help to accelerate spiritual evolution, and in turn, this will tremendously help the human condition that is often one of suffering.



     We have often talked about the suffering of Earth's people.  We do not come from so far away that we do not comprehend what it means to live in the Earth realm.  We have known this realm; yet, we have now passed beyond it and are able to offer advice and wisdom.  Understand that so much of human suffering begins in the young years.  It is then when you become conditioned and learn to navigate with human eyes instead of Soul Eyes.  As a child, you already start to forget how to travel your path with the Light of your own spirit.   The sheer density of the world, its people and drama continually assaults you from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart.  Because your new Earth home vibrates to a lower frequency, it manifests in a more physical density, thus all the problems associated with such a realm with all its physical characteristics.

     Please, as much as we tell you these things, all is not hopeless.  It is simply a matter of remembering who you are.  You are the Light of God, and you contain the very same divine nature of God.  All you need to do is wake up and remember how to operate and navigate with your Soul Eyes.  Visualize clicking on your inner Light so that you will travel on your path with clear and bright vision without too much aimless wandering.  Whenever the darkness starts to blot out your sight, and you feel lost, please, just turn on your light and know that it will guide you.  


     Sadly enough, most people do not realize the power, truth and scope of their own spirit.  This is only true because there has been a lack of information and understanding.  For quite some time upon planet Earth, the belief has been that God lives outside of yourself and perhaps controls you from that position.

      This popular belief originates from religious books and not necessarily from the spirit within.  Understand that a lack of good and enlightening sources of information will most certainly hold you back.  Fear will also keep you from exploring all the possibilities.  If you allow fear to rule you, then you will experience the inability to find out more, or to ever discover your own true power and what you are capable of while manifesting in a human body.  Simply stated, you are more than you think you are, and you are certainly capable of much more than you know.

     You limit yourself by being afraid to go further.  By being afraid to step beyond where they tell you that you should not go, you will only hold yourself back.  Take the plunge now to rid yourself of fear.  Simply let it go, and know that truly that is what you must do, starting now.  Take a deep breath and blow the fear out.  Force it out if you must, but blow.  Now take another deep breath and simply be filled with the energy of the universe.  Let go and let Spirit, or as some would say, let go and let God.  Move your human self aside, please, and feel the beautiful creation of your whole being. 

      Your human aspect so often becomes bewildered with the circumstances of what surrounds you in the physical realm, and that can make you afraid.  It is so important, especially now, to work hard.  You must get past the human part by focusing within and visualizing the soul that you truly are.  Visualize and know for sure that God is a part of you, and you are a part of God.  You are one and the same.  To know and visualize this is far more powerful than anything you could possibly see or feel in your physical, earthly realm.

     We tell you that you can get stronger by knowing who you really are.  You are not simply a body, and your life does not begin or end here, but transcends time.   When you begin to grasp the reality of your totality, you will then know that who you are never ends or never dies.  No matter what you see with your human eyes, know that by looking with your Soul Eyes, your journey will become easier and clearer.  You must trust the path ahead and not allow fear to cling to you.  Brush it aside, stomp on it if you must, then bravely follow your heart.  It is only then that you will find your truth.   Know this to be absolutely true and hang onto that knowledge!


     You cannot focus on negativity and expect to be positive.  We tell you for sure that negativity begets negativity.  It feeds on itself and has a way of growing into very ugly proportions.  It is much more beneficial to surround yourself with the more joyful things of the Earth realm, and to think good and positive thoughts.  Know that thoughts in themselves will create exactly what you think, and you will manifest it in the physical realm, so you must be careful.  It is also important as you create your positive universe, to seek out good people and good circumstances.  By making an effort to do this, you will start to attract the more positive things, and eventually manifest all good things.  Positivity reaps positivity!

     Okay, so we have told you that the Earth realm is dark and dense, so how do you rid yourself of negativity when it seems to surround you and beat on you from all sides?  Simply get away from it.  Yes, that's right, get away.  This is what you must strive to do, and although you will continue to confront it, there is a way you can absolutely refuse to take it inside of yourself.  Simply change your focus.  Yes, it's really that simple.  By not focusing totally on negativity, you will begin to change your consciousness into a more positive one.  Believe it when we tell you that consciousness can be changed!  Wherever you focus each aspect of yourself and your thoughts, know that those areas will correspond accordingly.  Focus in the negative arena and you can be sure that your life will be heavily interwoven with negativity!    
     It is always amazing how the human condition can attract drama of all sorts.  Please be careful and understand that if you immerse yourself too deeply in the negativity of the drama, you will drown and put out the Light.  Of course, you do not always realize that you are doing this, but once you become aware of it, it becomes easier to see how to remove yourself.  Please, just do it, and know that it will be the best thing for you.  Get away, if only for a moment, but make an effort to simply withdraw and go to a place within yourself if necessary.  If you have a special place in the world that is peaceful and makes you feel good, then withdraw and go there.  By withdrawing to your special place, you will be sure to renew and nourish your soul.

     It is often vital that you make the conscious choice to stop all the activity of your mind and body for certain periods of time.  Reflect in the quiet of the moment, while opening your heart to the spirit of who you are and all that you are.  You do not exist only in the moment and solely in the body that you now occupy, but you exist throughout time.  Understand please, that time is not linear, but it is never ending and takes place all at once.  When you begin to truly grasp the awesome nature of just how much you contain and how expansive you are, then you will begin to see how easily it is to capture your own power and be in charge of your own destiny.

     You have come a long way and have learned so much in your journey, yet, you continue to learn and to even overcome the many obstacles thrown on the path before you.  Often, the negativity of the Earth realm makes you feel weary, as you plod along vigilantly fighting your never ending battles.  Yes, we know that you often experience great discouragement at what you see and that which you experience.


     It is possible to change your perspective.  By making the effort, you will start to experience more inner peace as a higher level of living opens up to you.  You can begin to exercise and change your perspective by imagining that you are looking from beyond at the drama of your daily life.  Use whatever visualization technique works for you.  If it helps to imagine that you are floating on a cloud or hovering among the stars, then by all means, please indulge this vision if it helps you to look at the daily drama of your life from a place where you can be a bit removed from it.

     We might also suggest that you see yourself standing inside of a big circle while the drama of your life swirls around you, especially the negative and fearful aspects.  Please, visualize this active drama circle in your mind's eye.  Better yet, feel free to actually move about and visualize the circle on the ground or the floor before you.  Look around now and see that the circle has you surrounded on all sides by its strong and mighty circumference.  Think about this for a moment.  Do you feel trapped or helpless, thinking perhaps that there is no escape?  All you have to do now is take a step.  Go ahead, just one small step, and then another one, until you start to walk and lift your feet higher, until you step right over the line and out of the circle! 

     It's really as easy as that.  Please, go ahead, do not be afraid; simply step over the imaginary line, and know that once you do, you will know freedom.  Do it now and imagine that you are standing bravely beyond the circle, outside of your usual inner circle of experience.  From that vantage point, you have removed yourself, yet you still see all that goes on within the circle, but you are no longer a part of it.  You are now standing outside of it, and it can in no way claim you and drag you back into the participation of fear and negativity.  Anytime you choose to, you can stand outside of the circle where all is Light and nothing can bother you or get you.    

     If you visualize this circle often, while always seeing yourself stepping over its edges, you will begin to develop more objectivity to the conditions of what surrounds you.  You will be able to remain in the world and not go down with it, as you begin to understand and cope better with whatever happens to you or around you.

      As you learn to navigate life's path with a higher sense of spirit, you will also start to awaken to the deeper aspects of your being.  At all points of your experience, you will start to manage better, the pain and injustices of expressing in those deeper, denser, physical realities, of which the Earth realm certainly belongs.


     Happiness is a state of being and one in which you determine the level.  With this thought, we would encourage you to frequently remember that you are more than you think you are.  We would also like to remind you that your substance is Light and can be seen as a sort of frequency in other realms.   With this in mind, understand for sure that you can bring more Light into yourself simply by imagining that it is shining from above you.  Go ahead, replenish the Light within you right this moment as you imagine that it pours into the top of your head and rushes to Light up all parts of your being.  Imagine that your cells are activating with new life.  You are filling up, as if you are a special container made especially to hold the Light of the universe!

     Absorb that which you perceive to be good, knowing that you are indeed a receptacle for Light.  As you bring more and more of this goodness into yourself, you will begin to glow with brilliant radiance.  You will become more attuned to joy and to more of what you are meant to be.  Make a conscious effort, as much as you can, to develop the habit of imagining that Universal Light streams down on you, and through you continuously.  All you have to do is open up every cell and pore in your body to receive it.  Allow it to flow freely and abundantly throughout your bodily systems.  Not only will this visualization benefit you physically, but you will also find that you will wake up in a better way to your inner realms. 

     As you wake up and become more attuned, you will discover that you are learning how to rid yourself of unnecessary fears.  You will begin to understand how to repel negativity simply by feeling your own power and getting in touch with it.  As a direct result, you will start to notice that you no longer attract as many harmful forces to yourself.

      You contain your own intimate power, and you have the ability and the creativity to exercise it.  Although it is so easy to be told that you have power; to understand how to actually become power is another matter entirely.  As you wake up to more of who you are, you will find yourself navigating more carefully with Soul Eyes instead of human eyes.  Understand that human eyes can only see a dim version of things as they really are.  By looking at the world with only a humanistic view, you will always see the shadows, and encounter fear, negativity and obstacles.

      If you change your view, making an effort to see with your soul, you will see that negativity and bad things are still there, but they are outside of yourself, not inside.  To understand that happiness is a state of your own mind is to wake up to the realization of truth.   Yes, you will still feel that which happens around you, but you will not allow it to suck you into a deep, dark hole which will only torture you and keep you there.  By concentrating on changing your view, you will begin to know and comprehend your own heart, and you will attempt to follow where it leads.

     Opening up to your own truth and your own power will enable you to let go.  You will not want to clutch and hold onto fear and negativity so much.  You will begin to see that by holding on to those things, you will only lose your happiness and experience a serious reduction of your inherent power.   Of course, to feel what is going on around you, and to be sensitive to the world is something that you will not be able to help.  But in your own quest for knowledge and truth, you are beginning to see a new perspective where it could not be seen before.  As a result, and often without even realizing it, you are fine tuning yourself.  You are developing spiritual discipline that will keep you from drowning in a dark sea of negativity that so often surrounds you. 

     You will ultimately walk as Light, bringing Love and Light to the world in your own way, no matter what the outside circumstances look like.  Up until this point, you have probably acquired more soul knowledge than you probably know.  It is this special knowledge that has helped to shape you and which will help you to navigate your world.  In learning to navigate your world more efficiently, you will begin to learn much more about yourself.  In learning about yourself, you will increase your awareness.  With increased awareness, comes more understanding.

      As the light clicks on within you, you will begin to experience more contentment.  You will feel an inner happiness - a peace in your soul.  You will not go down with the world no matter what.  You are here for a reason and you have great purpose; know this to be true.  Please, let this knowledge guide you and help you, for you were created in love, and it is love that will keep you….always.  

The End
© 2002 Lia Shapiro - Published in the "Sedona Journal of Emergence!," May, 2002