By Lia Shapiro


     As in a dream, anything at all is possible.  So shall you think, so shall it be.  It is a simple matter to think things into existence.  Speaking of matter, the act of thinking can literally create matter!  Thinking is only an extension of what you perceive to be reality, and reality is simply created by thoughts.  Understand that it is thought that gives birth to creations.  Creations are nothing more than physical evidence manifested in the physical realm.  There are other realms that appear as dreams.  Know that they truly exist and are just as real as the reality you are manifesting now.    

     If it is thought that creates realities, then you must understand that anything at all is possible, even flying!  We tell you that flying is indeed possible, but how many of you will be able to do it?  As any and all things are possible, each moment of manifestation will have its moment in time.  Your current dimensional time does not always recognize flying as possible, therefore it will be extremely difficult to conjure up the necessary thought enabling you to do it.

     The twenty-first century will usher in a new age.  Already, things have begun to accelerate.  Many of you flail through your days with never enough time to get everything done.  If you are old enough, you will perhaps remember when time seemed to go slower.  You are absolutely correct in your memories of time.  Those were certainly the good old days, and time was slower!

     Time is converging now.  It is speeding up.  We use your word time, but know there is no such thing.  It is frequency that is vibrating at a faster rate, causing the feeling that there is much to do and never enough time.  Because of this rapid frequency factor, things will start to happen and all that you thought was impossible will become known and experienced.  In the years after the new millennium, there will be a remarkable growth and acceleration of many on Earth.  There will be those that will be activated, thus sparking the rest of humanity with wisdom and knowledge that will help to evolve the species on Earth to new levels.        


     We must tell you there is much excitement and even fear concerning the year 2000.  There have been countless predictions throughout the ages.  Many of those from the past and many of you now see it as an eventful marker of all time.  We tell you there have been many markers as there are many paths of reality.  Creation is indeed complex.  A psychic may tune into only one reality, when there are actually many realities happening at once.  Choose your reality, choose your path, and that will be your destiny.

     We must warn you in advance.  Much of what you believe will certainly become your reality.  Understand that you create not only individually, but collectively as well.  It is important to know this because there are many that believe the new millennium will bring destruction or it will be the end of life, as you know it. 

Understand that you are connected, one to another, as we all are.  Individual thoughts become the prevailing mass thought.  As thought patterns group together, they create mass thought, which creates reality.  As many of you think, so shall it happen, so shall you do, and so shall you become.  Even if you are not aware that you are connected in this way, know that your thoughts become as one.  Mass thought patterns can be good or they can be bad.  These collective thought patterns can benefit an entire culture or they can send it down the road of destruction.  As people most naturally mass together, know that whatever the prevailing thoughts, those things shall come to pass.  Think on this as the New Year of 2000 spreads before you.

     There is quite an assortment of people scattered and clustered around the world.  Understand this clustering is not by accident, nor is it haphazard.  There are reasons for everything.  There are many and various kinds of people grouped according to thought patterns and distributed throughout the world in all kinds of places.  Notice the differences within cultural groups or in countries, and even communities.  These differences are the reason why there has always been such turmoil on planet Earth.  Frequencies penetrate and express differently throughout the world taking the form of various kinds of people.  If this is not clear, we mean that expression in any physical form, first begins as frequency.  People that express at the same or similar frequencies form physical cultural clusters.  This is how we see life taking place upon Earth in the form of cultural clusters.

     Know that there is much power in these clusterings.  Individually, thoughts unite to create the prevailing reality.  Religion is a good example of cultural clustering, as there are entire countries that are based on concepts of religion.  We are not naming any countries specifically at this time, but certain religions do influence mass thought patterns.  These thought patterns create the reality, which is expected.  Even if you profess no religious affiliation, know it is possible that you have been influenced or shaped by the culture you live in. 


     If you have managed to stay truly independent in your thought system without allowing yourself to submerge with mass consciousness, then you may indeed survive the future intact.  This is possible, and is based solely on you and how much you are willing to trust and follow your own heart.  We will lend our wisdom, but it is up to you to take what you will from various resources and decide for yourself.  We do not bring another religion.  What we hope to offer is total in-Lightenment.  Not only will you be in Light, but you will gain new insight as we give you important information.  The blinders will be removed and you will participate with a new vigor in all that you do.

     Of course, there will always be those frustrating and dark moments, but overall, as your spiritual comprehension expands and you begin to realize all that you are, your life will continue to grow in richness.  You will develop an awareness of so much more as you pull the Light into yourself and continue to question that which surrounds you.  As you question and reach for the answers, they will be given to you.  Sometimes the answers will come to you in the quietness of your soul, or in the heat of the moment, or deep within your heart.  Sometimes you will search and ponder and even cry out to a God that seems so far away.  Know that nothing goes unheard, but your voice reverberates unto the edges of time, gathering force and coming back to you always.  You will have your answers.  Open a book, listen as someone speaks, turn on the television, contemplate the solitude or the setting sun, and there when you least expect it, will be your answer.

     We tell you there is nothing we say that has not been said before.  We only come as a reminder.  We tell you that which you have heard over and over again in many different ways and in many different places.  Perhaps in the same lifetime you have even heard the same message.  Spiritual matters can be complex.  In order to receive the instruction into your body and mind it is often necessary to repeat over and over again that which you already know in your spirit.


     Religion offers hope, perhaps with a prize or reward in the end.  Again, what we offer you is total in-Lightenment.  Not only will you be in Light, but you will also gain new in-sight as we give you important information.  You will see once again, as the blinders are removed and you will participate with a new vigor in all that you do.  The new year for you will not be one of destruction, but will be filled with hope.  Of course, there will always be the dark moments, but overall, as your spiritual comprehension expands, you will evolve and become a higher tuned being.  Understand that the new millennium can be a new beginning for you if you want it to be.  Know, also, that if you are not careful, you can get caught up in the mass consciousness and end up on the road of misery and destruction. 

     Your thoughts are like your heartbeat or your breath.  They do have a life of their own.  They take you over and often without your conscious consent.  Things happen and you have no idea why.  We suggest to you that you start listening to your own words.  What are you telling yourself over and over?  What do you say to others?  Listen to your thoughts and know that you are forming your own reality.  Understand, please, that each of you are a world unto yourselves. 

     Your world around you is your creation.  It is a reflection of your thoughts.  If you are not a trusting person, then you will see others as not being trustworthy.  If you hold yourself apart from others, then you will wonder why people are not warm and friendly towards you.  If you believe there is an Armageddon in your future, then there will most certainly be.  Your world will be as you believe it to be, although you will not always consciously understand how this is so.

      You have the power to adjust your aura.  Once again, by believing it to be so, you will be able to do it.  Your aura is an extension of you.  Think of it as part of your energy that floats around you, such as an electromagnetic field.  It radiates to that which is inside of you.  Know that by your thoughts you have the capacity to change it.  As you think you are, you will be, thus your aura will change not only according to your emotions and feelings, but with your wishes and suggestions as well.

     An aura that shimmers as Gold is protective.  It is impenetrable.  As Light shines Gold, as in the Sun, so shall you shine Gold.  Think it and it will be done.  While we tell you that a Gold aura will protect you from all spiritual and physical assaults, we also want you to understand that part of the power of a Gold aura lies in the belief that you are indeed strong and invincible.  Your belief is what makes it so.  

      To realize your own power is certainly a basic concept to understand, although many believe that true power dwells not within, but outside of themselves.  In believing this, they are seriously limiting all that they can be.  If you wait for a power beyond to put things into action, then there may be no action, or there may be wrong action.  Understand that you are the one that contains the power.  It is you that controls the circumstances and events of your life, although it can often seem as if it is life that controls you.  Have you not floundered and flailed at times, looking outside of yourself to a God for help?  Know that you are God!  God dwells within you, and is at the highest level of your spirit.


     If you have the power, then why do things seem to run amuck so much of the time?  It is here that we bring up the subject of karma, as you may have thought of that yourself.  As we have said before, creation is indeed complex.  You understand only in the smallest way what this word karma means.  Your karma word encompasses so much more than you can imagine.  You apply this concept in most cases to a very narrow and limited view of things, as it is difficult to see the whole.  You may think you see, but your perception does not always include all aspects of creation.

     You are much bigger and more powerful than you know.  You are Spirit.  Your spirit is not small, nor is it simply encased in one body in this time and reality.  We have told you that your spirit goes on and on into endless eternity.  Please, listen carefully here.  You act and react to all things in all times and places.  You must look beyond your experiences here and realize that what you do may affect yourself in other places.  You exist here, you exist in the past, and you exist in the future.  There is no such thing as past lives.  Know that you experience yourself at all levels and in all places.  What you do in your so called past affects what you do here.  What you do here affects what you do there. 

     You exist in the future as well, and even beyond the future where it is that you are God.  We are going beyond simple and basic concepts at this point.  What we tell you can often be difficult to bring into language.  Precise and accurate words do not exist, even to describe much of what we have to tell you.  It takes many words, linked together to form patterns, images and ideas.  In the higher realms, information and knowledge is not gained through the reading of words.  It is absorbed through the spirit, so to speak.  We do our best to give you a clear and accurate picture.  Still, our words are only words.  Hopefully, they will serve the purpose of presenting information to you.  It is our hope that they will jog your spirit memory.  We can tell you many things, but it is you that will ultimately put the pieces together and begin to remember.


     Much of what you have gone through as a young one has led to your current suffering.  We would like to tell you there is a way to console and help that which you have been and still are.  Not only can you reach back into the past, but you can reach forward into the future.  Think about this, as we tell you it is here that we ourselves exist in your future.  Are we not coming back through time to help you now?

     Go back in time and help yourself.  Go back to an early point, perhaps a place where you believe there was some kind of hurt or injustice done to you.  Please, know that you will not remember all those places where you encountered difficulty and suffering.  In fact, it is most likely that you will not remember most of what has happened to you.  For now, simply pick a point where you do remember.  How has this incident affected you in your current life?  Has your behavior been altered by it?

     If you have anger inside of you, there is a reason why.  Much that shapes and forms you, and even deeply affects you, is because of what you have encountered in the Earthly realm.  Go back to yourself at a younger time.  Look at what you see.  Sometimes you may not remember the incident, the actions, or the words spoken, but you will remember the feelings.  You still have those feelings encased in your heart. You are still feeling the pain.  You hold onto it and have allowed it to affect, build and shape you.  If you lash out at people in anger, you are simply reacting to the hurt that people instilled in you a long time ago. 

     Has your heart been cast in stone, never to hurt again because you yourself have been so severely hurt?  There is no psychiatrist, counselor or religious leader on Earth that can help you, like you can help yourself.  It is really so simple that we are quite amazed that most of humanity does not understand how to help themselves.  This has happened because of believing in a God that lives outside of you.  It is also because of beliefs in religious books that limit your understanding to know your own true power.  Simply stated, it is a lack of understanding of who you are and your true possibilities.

     Reach back in time, as we are now reaching back in time to you.  Reach back in time to your suffering self.  See that person clearly.  Know that it is you that still suffers as that person continues to exist and experience the pain.  You can help now.  Go to that hurting child, or that hurting adult.  Go to wherever you must go, but go.  Speak to yourself at that point in time.  You do not have to speak out loud.  Thoughts will transmit to that time.  Offer love, understanding, and words of wisdom and guidance to that which you are in the past.  You may even console yourself by cupping your face with your hand and patting.  Gently rub your face and your head, and even hug yourself.  You might try this technique of caring for yourself at those times when you feel especially alone and need consolation.  Please, do not be surprised at the feelings you may experience.  This is good and part of the healing.

     As you reach back into time to help a younger or past self deal with the pain and injustices, you indeed begin to heal yourself here and in the future.  At this point, we tell you that you have learned a lot in your Earthly journey.  As we have come to help you, you can also help by reaching back.  As for your present life, it is up to you.  You can take yourself down the road of destruction, or you can choose a path that will lead you into a brighter future.  The choice is yours.

The End
© 2002 Lia Shapiro - Published in the "Sedona Journal of Emergence!," December, 1999